Does The Bible Condemn Casino Gambling?


Does The Bible Condemn Casino Gambling?

The Bible does not directly address gambling in the Old Testament, but there are a few passages that indirectly offer some guidance. In the Song of Solomon, the poet speaks of giving a’stone as an offering to the Lord’. This seems like a reference to gambling, however, there is nothing directly stated. Many people today use the Song of Solomon as an excuse to justify their indulgence in gambling by saying that the stone did not turn to gold, and that God must have been looking down on him because he was so unwise. However, there are problems with this approach. Firstly, there is no clear allusion to gambling in the Bible and secondly, the closest the Bible ever comes to offering clear direction as to how people should gamble is found in the following verse.

‘Covet therefore my possession; give me the money for the things I have desired; let me have the power plus should gain the right over my house, and over my merchandise.’ The problem with this verse is that it gives people a direct reason as to why they should covet something. The Bible never directly tells people to covet, it simply offers people an excuse. This is because coveting is an act of willpower, and God does not magically transform people’s will in order to give them something that they want. It is perfectly possible for a person to live an entirely self-sufficient life without any help, and it is equally possible for God, through His almighty Son, to multiply His creation and give everyone greater riches than they had before the creation.

This means that all is not lost for Christians who are currently suffering because of gambling. The true problem lies in the way that many Christians see gambling. They believe that God wants them to give up any hope of a happy afterlife, and that gambling can be seen as an act of self-indulgence. Although both of these views are completely wrong, it is important to note that they originate from the same erroneous logic.

In order for Christians to regain their sense of faith and humility and stop clinging so tightly to their outdated and harmful ideas, they must cease using the Bible as a reference point. Instead, the bible should become their main teaching resource, and they must read it multiple times each day. By doing this, they will begin to see the errors of their ways, and hopefully be able to make changes where needed. While the majority of people who read the Bible do so in order to gain knowledge, not to be rebellious, there are still those who use it as their main tool for guidance.

For example, many Christians claim that the bible condones gambling and encourages the Christian to gamble. However, in the previous paragraph it is stated that the Christian should not allow his funds to stand as a testament. This clearly states that the gambler should not allow gambling to control his life, and he should not gamble unless there is an actual chance of winning.

Many who read the Bible also claim that the writer condoning gambling is speaking in favor of covetousness. The fact is that the Bible does not state that a person who is a covetous person should gamble, rather he should learn to share, and share openly. Just like gambling has its evil side to it, there are good aspects to gambling as well. A person that is a covetous can build up his wealth without giving to needy causes.

While some will say that the bible condones gambling because the writer claimed that we should covet things that we cannot afford, others will say that the Bible encourages us to be open minded and generous with our resources. Those that read the Bible can look at it in two different ways, one that they think is good advice, and one that they think is bad advice. Those that read it correctly and apply the information stated within it will understand that it is not against the law of the Gospel to be greedy, or to stay away from giving to those who are poor.

So if you feel that the Bible condones gambling in any way, shape, form, or fashion, then by all means, do not gamble! But if you read the Bible and look at the advice given there, you will see that it is encouraging people to be generous and join the one true church, which is the one that Jesus established. If you want to join this wonderful club, then all you need to do is look up 1 Corinthians 12 verses and then begin applying it to your life. Stop worrying about your finances, and start applying it to helping others today! God Bless!